Two Important Reminders for Best Practices When Traveling Abroad

  • ONE: In order to board your international flight you will need your passport. You should have copies of your passport elsewhere. OGS recommends keeping a color copy of your passport and visa separately in your carry on luggage. You should also have access to a digital encrypted copy of your passport and visa online that can be obtained from any computer (for example in NYU File 2.0). Additionally, you may want to leave a copy of your passport and visa with a parent or guardian, or whomever you trust and would call in an emergency. If your passport/visa is lost or stolen having a copy of such may help expedite getting a replacement.
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Check Your Visa!

The time is almost here to leave for the UK, but before you depart for the airport make sure you have all of your immigration needs taken care of! Double check your visa (if you are a Tier 4 of Special Visitor student), or prepare your immigration entry documents if you are a Student Visitor without a pre-obtained visa sticker. It is important to keep any paperwork you used to obtain your visa on your person/in your carry-on luggage and ready for your arrival in the UK, regardless of the kind of visa you obtained!

Any last minute visa/immigration questions should be directed to your new Outbound Immigration Advisor, Aaron Reynolds, at

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NYUL Websites: Learn More About the Resources at NYU London and the Local Area

The NYU London staff has created a website for all the key NYUL resources and information students need about Academics, the Academic Center and the most up-to-date Orientation schedule. There is also local information about the city. Students will need to be logged into NYU Home to access the site. Start exploring here!

Additionally, the NYUL Area Directory is an online guide that may prove useful as it informs NYUL students about local resources around the three NYUL halls of residence. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of information but it is comprehensive and should prove useful especially during the first few weeks of the semester. There are many ‘clickable’ links that are provided for your convenience that will take you to external websites for more information. There is also a big Overview Map that plots many of the places that are listed on the website. This includes NYUL campus buildings, supermarkets, shops and entertainment venues. The website will be updated regularly so do keep checking back during the semester.

Happy researching!


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Updated Book List Fall 2014 Courses

A few more professors have updated the course list, so please make sure to review this updated list of required books now!

As a reminder, NYUL holds a book sale at the start of each semester, giving students a chance to purchase all of their required books in one place. The book sale takes place during orientation on Friday 29th August between 12-3pm at ULU on Malet Street.

The books are provided by Blackwells book store (a chain similar to Barnes and Noble) who have a shop close by to the academic centre. There will be an NYU London section set up within the store after the book sale as well.

A list of FAQs about the book sale is here, as well as the list of all required books listed by course that you can find above. If you buy your textbooks independently, please be sure to check against this list that you have the correct edition for your section before purchasing. It is also worth checking whether the book is available as an eBook through the Bobst Library. This has been indicated on the book list for several books already.

If you have any other queries regarding books, please feel free to contact us at

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NYU London Academic Center Closed August 23-25, 2014

This is just a friendly reminder that the NYU London Academic Center will be closed Saturday, August 23 through Monday, August 25. If you’re already in London, check out these “bank holiday” events in TimeOut London!

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New Fall Course Available: “Multifaith Leadership in the 21st Century”

This Fall, NYU London students will have the unique opportunity to take a course with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on “Multifaith Leadership in the 21st Century.”

Rabbi Lord Sacks is a world-renowned scholar, philosopher, religious leader, a prolific author, and a leading moral voice. He served as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth from September 1991 until September 2013, only the sixth incumbent of the position since it was formalized in 1845. In 2005, Sacks was knighted by Her Majesty The Queen and made a Life Peer, taking his seat in October 2009 at the House of Lords. He is a frequent contributor to radio, television, and press both in the UK and around the world, and has authored 25 books, a number of which have received literary prizes. Rabbi Sacks currently serves as the Ingeborg and Ira Rennert Global Distinguished Professor of Judaic Thought at New York University and the Kressel and Efrat Family University Professor of Jewish Thought at Yeshiva University.

This course will explore ways in which leadership plays an integral role in bridging communities that historically were separate, but today exist side-by-side in a culture that is religiously and spiritually diverse. It will seek to prepare students to become aware of faith traditions other than their own, with a strong emphasis on learning techniques and theories of how to engage others. Students will have the chance to engage with local experts, including Christine Morgan (of the BBC) and Lord Carey of Clifton (the former Archbishop of Canterbury).

For those students enrolled in the course, there will be an opportunity to participate in a Shabbaton (including lectures, services, and meals) on October 24 with Rabbi Lord Sacks at his synagogue in Golders Green, with the possibility of an overnight home-stay with a local family. Students will also have an opportunity to engage with Rabbi Lord Sacks’ students at King’s College.

This two credit course is open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. It will meet on Mondays from September 22 – October 27 from 10am – 1pm, with a few additional events. The course number is UPADM-GP 9253. To register on Albert use class number 25200.

If you have any questions, please contact

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Letter from London, August 21

Dear Students,

This will be the final in our recent series of Letters from London that have aimed to introduce you to London and NYUL’s program, I hope you have found the letters helpful and they have proved useful to your planning.

Only one-week to go now! I hope you are all getting excited? If you are anything like me, before I go on a big trip, you’ll probably have a mixture of emotions: excited about all of the new things that you are about to experience and (at the same time) nervous about all of the new things you are about to experience! This all feels a bit weird; a bit like being pulled in two different directions at once but, take heart, it is completely normal, in fact, it is (actually) quite good as it sets the right psychological conditions to approach your study away experience in the right way: That is, being keen to explore new things but cautious to ensure things go well.

Be reassured that everyone here in London is ready to welcome you. At Housing Check-In, Consi Hoabes, Chris Shia and Ruth Dear and all of our Residence Life staff will be ready to greet you as you arrive at (either) our Guilford Street, Byron Court or NIDO residences. If you have any questions or problems, connected to your arrival in to London, could I ask you (& your parents) to make a note of the following phone number: 0800-316-0469 – then Option Two. This will connect you (or your parents) to the NYU in London Duty Phone where you can receive local guidance and help…Continue reading Tony’s letter by clicking here.

Documents mentioned in the letter:
How to get into London from London’s Gatwick, Luton and Stansted airports
Your Arrivals Check-List
Time Out London’s “Fun 70”

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